Comidas Mexicanas = Mexican foods, contributed by the women of the Mexican colony of Pasadena, May 22, 1937
Small cookbook published at the Pasadena Settlement House 864 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, California. Includes recipes on facing pages in Spanish and English. Established in 1911 (or 1914), Pasadena Settlement House was one of the most significant institutions serving the Mexican-American population, until the late 1940s. It also provided medical care and sewing classes for women.
641_5972_C63m, 1937, Braun Research Library Collection, donated by F.W. Hodge, 1939

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  • cover
  • title page
  • Spanish recipe for Puchas
  • English recipe for Puchas
  • Spanish recipe for Biftec de Res
  • English recipe for Beefsteak
  • Spanish recipe for Carne de Salza de Tomate
  • English recipe for Meat in Tomato Sauce
  • Spanish recipe for Mole Poblano
  • English recipe for Mole Poblano
  • Spanish recipe for Picadillo
  • English recipe for Picadillo (Hash)
  • Spanish recipe for Chiles Rellenos
  • English recipe for Stuffed Chiles
  • Spanish recipe for Lengua Gisada
  • English recipe for Fried Tongue
  • Spanish recipe for Lengua en Salza de Almendra
  • English recipe for Beef Tongue in Almond Sauce
  • Spanish recipe for Huevos Rancheros
  • English recipe for Eggs Rancher Style
  • Spanish recipe for Frjoles
  • English recipe for Beans
  • Spanish recipe for Tortillas de Harina
  • English recipe for Tortillas From Flour
  • back cover